Runner’s Knee Recovery Time

How much runner’s knee recovery time will I need?

5 Runners Share Their Story

Local Sydney residents talk about their experience of recovery time for runner’s knee.

Scott, 47

When it comes to runner’s knee recovery time, Scott has been an avid runner since his football playing days, and continues to hit the pavement to stay in shape. Unfortunately, like many runners he began to suffer pain from runner’s knee after he increased his running frequency in the lead up to a42km marathon. After several weeks of running for more than 10km at a time, he would experience burning pain in the kneecap which could last for several hours. Unable to rest for his scheduled marathon event, he sought the advice of a sports podiatrist. That consultation allowed him to reduce his runner’s knee recovery time on the suggestion he invest in running shoes with more motion control. He’s also considering adding custom orthotics to the new running shoes to offer even more support to protect his knee.

Evelyn, 60

For baby boomers like Evelyn, runners knee recovery time was important for getting her back running. She prefers a morning jog over lawn bowl which is not surprising given she lives along Sydney’s northern beaches, which are a breathtaking sight even in winter. For Evelyn, what reduced her runners knee recovery time was a diagnosis form a running specialist podiatrist. Tracking on a treadmill revealed that she is a pronator who turns her foot inwards while running, which led to the painful condition of runner’s knee. After she was prescribed firm neutral shoes with a strong mid sole, she was back running in weeks – giving her an impressive runner’s knee recovery time of just 8 weeks.

Josh, 17

As a promising athlete with potential for a professional sporting career in basketball, Josh demanded reduced runner’s knee recovery time. He started experiencing pain after some of his shock impact landings on the court. His high jumping technique left him with a painful case of runner’s knee (known technically as patellofemoral pain syndrome). Doctors initially thought his runner’s knee recovery time would require 6 months of rest. What a sports podiatrist discovered during that period off the court was that Josh’s tight hamstring and calf muscles were extending his runner’s knee recovery time. Not stretching before or after a game was putting a lot of strain on his knee cap, pushing the patella to track out of alignment. Once he began introducing leg stretches into his warm ups, he was able to play basketball again pain-free.

Mason, 32

It came a big shock that more than a year after he was diagnosed with runner’s knee, Mason still couldn’t get back to his usual Friday night indoor futsal team and was battling unknown runner’s knee recovery time. He certainly never imagined that his runner’s knee recovery time might be that lengthy. What eventually seemed to help was quad strengthening exercises at the gym. That was the only way he was able to build enough strength to support the knee and start playing regular indoor soccer again without experiencing pain afterwards.

Leila, 48

As a casual runner, Leila has experienced runner’s knee several times over the course of her life and was keen to assess her runner’s knee recovery time with this current setback. The most recent experience showed her that with complete rest, your runner’s knee recovery time can be as quick as 3 weeks. In the past, she’s continued to run shorter distance with the pain of runner’s knee. This time, she took the advice of a sports podiatrist and stopped running altogether for one month. During that time, she took up a yoga class to allow her to continue exercising. When she eventually returned to her morning jog, she was thrilled to realise that the complete rest period had allowed the knee to heal, and she had none of the niggling pain around the kneecap when she went for her weekly 5km run from North Sydney to The Rocks.