Some of them hurt, some of them don’t, but nearly all of them look pretty bad- according to most women that we talk too anyway. So what can you do?

Well you don’t have to do anything if it doesn’t hurt and you don’t mind the way it sticks out at the side of the forefoot. You can just wear a slightly wider or softer shoe to accommodate it right? But if there’s pain in the joint that keeps niggling away at you, then we can help. Most of the time we try and get the load off the bunion by asking you to wear shoes with certain qualities. This removes the irritation which over time allows the joint to settle. We can also insert orthotics into your shoes too which does the same thing. If you do both, then boom! You’ll be pain free!

However, if your bunion is a bad one, and the above doesn’t help, then you’ll be asking us to refer you to a man with a scalpel and a white coat. This a rare occurrence but one that pops up if the joint is extremely stiff, large or sore – or all of the above! You might need an X ray.

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