Arch Pain

That horrible burning under the sole of your foot, or that tight pulling pain through the arch. One of those pains that you just want to keep on rubbing or pressing with your thumbs? Fear not, there’s a reason why the arch of your foot hurts and as Sports Podiatrists, it’s very easy for us to find out why.

We can usually diagnose these on the spot, without x rays or ultra sounds! Commonly, it’s the Plantar Fascia that’s been strained or the long Peroneal tendon. But there might be a flexor tendon problem too or something else less common. Either way, we have several treatment options for these conditions that will relieve your pain and support a speedy recovery.


We might use strapping, Shock Wave Therapy, dry needling or orthotics, it really depends what we find on the day. You will likely be given some homework too, like stretching or applying ice packs. Footwear advice is also a big part of what we do, in order to help you.