Achilles Tendon

So that really strong tendon down the back of the lower leg, behind your ankle hurts, the one that David Beckham snapped while playing soccer? Well don’t be too disappointed, if Becks can suffer from an Achilles injury then surely we can too. It’s really common these days to strain your Achilles tendon, but don’t worry, there’s a reason why your tendon hurts, and we can help you make that revelation. We will do one of our most common assessments on you – a bio mechanical assessment. You might get to see a video of yourself walking or running on a treadmill, and we will take a bunch of measurements too. Once we have done all this and also checked your shoes, hey presto – we will know why your Achilles hurts and so will you.


There are 2: Achilles Tendonitis, and Achilles Tendinosis. The first one hurts in that area running behind the ankle joint, the part you can pinch with finger and thumb. The latter of these hurts when you press the back of the heel bone. Sometimes you have a tear in the tendon and this is super sore. You will be hobbling around at times and you might be at your wits end.


The Achilles responds really well to Shock Wave Therapy. You might also have a bio mechanical issue, in which case you will want to have some orthotics made for your shoes. Strapping is good, but is a temporary treatment and footwear changes are often recommended. We like to stick these special wedges under your heels too sometimes, as these will unload the tendon and allow it to heal. And you won’t get off scot free without homework, there are usually some things we get you to do yourself.